Which one is better, WordPress or Yola?

To make an CMS Web site or a blog, every user would want to benefit from the best choice in term of flexibility, ease of use and supporting community.

What’s the catch here? Well, more massive platforms such as WordPress come with a more complex and lengthier learning curve, but the knowledge gained is well-wroth going through the curve.

Yola is great if you want to have a small website with few pages and low disk space occupancy but if you are planning to extend your website the issue will become much more serious and gradually turn in to pain. In addition, there is not a wide variety of options to go with in design terms.

Self-hosted WordPress can have unlimited number of pages and storage totally depends on your hosting package, plus it is a cheaper solution, at least for a starters pack. Moreover, the real value of WordPress is in the availability of thousands of themes and plugins and a vibrant community of thousands of people around the world who continuously develop and upgrade it.

Finally, the customer and technical support is probably light years apart. So, if you ever find yourself in a standstill, you can definitely find a solution for a WordPress site, but for Yola, rarely would anyone bet all in regarding support.