How do I find a list of all WordPress blogs?

There are roughly 70 million WordPress downloads today, according to published stats.

Even if there were a way to discover or create such a list, it would be a rather daunting task to simply load it and open it, let alone read it or find data in it. Some time ago, when the number of blogs powered by WordPress was more limited, there was a way to assemble a list of all WordPress blogs, but today this would be impossible as a practical matter.

However, website technology checkers are a good option to start with.

The only possible ways to track at least a portion of them is to use tools such as, a website catalog that includes data regarding technologies used. Let’s say you want to find all blogs that utilize WordPress. Simply insert the name of the technology in the search bar and you can go through the results.

Or you can try and using some specific keywords via Google search and try to be as detailed as possible.