Which is the best all-in-one Social Media app?

For all those people who think about social media management seriously and are active on more then 3 global social media sites, having an all-in-one app is crucial for better efficiency and content alignment.

Content is what brings users to your product and having that content readily available across multiple platforms not only helps you reach a wider audience but also promotes the message that your product is good enough to meet the criteria of various interest groups and pros.

So, with tens of all-in-one social media apps available on the market, how to know which one to focus your limited attention to? Avid users would agree that there are several features that are a great advantage for such an app. Here are some of them:

  • a social media scheduler – it allows a user to replace all types of manual posts on each of the apps respectively
  • report generator – good analytics are crucial in social media marketing
  • task management tool – who gets to do what is paramount for an app integration tool
  • communication tool – having the ability to discuss content through the platform both with the team working on it and external feedback exchange (with clients) is key
  • external tools for creating post previews – accessing live post previews is fundamental


Now, let’s check the top players in this niche on the app market:

Kontentino is a very popular app favored by many, as it combines features for successfully managing multiple social media profiles and collaboration options. Content management is one of its best features – you can publish content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the app will automatically publish your posts and tweets. It is also integrated with Facebook Manager, so you can seamlessly schedule your ads as well. Additionally, you can improve workflow, assign tasks, and send posts for clients’ approval, analyze your posts and report on your activities.

Hootsuite is probably the most famous app, but definitely not the only one worth the attention. You can create, schedule, plan, publish, monitor, and engage with your audience from anywhere, anytime. It boasts a great auto scheduler option that can really find the right gap in your calendar. It also monitors the major activities around topics related to your brand.

Buffer’s added value is in the simplicity of the actions you need to take to schedule posts and track the performance of your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. It comes with easy-to-read analytics and Instagram reposting as key features – it makes keeping regular online presence a breeze.

Remember though, no matter whatever your choice may be social media apps will come and go, the secret to success is to make sure your content is king, it is always clear what the main message is and that it is truly what your audience wants to hear!