What are the positive aspects of WordPress?

WordPress is one of the world’s prominent open source content management systems that can handle your complete website needs thanks to its powerful flexibility and adaptability. Being the fuel that gives energy to more than 60 million websites, it caught the light of day as one of the leading blogging platforms.

Having known as the popular blogging tool, it is one of the powerful architectures, template based and flexible enough to customize in with your own selected themes. The standard package gives you access to the basic features and functions for free and then your creativity can be further expanded by using additional necessary plugins, both paid and free.

But what makes it so good and popular?

The main benefit of using WordPress as a user of any kind, is simply, WordPress is a CMS which has been designed to be “plugged into” meaning it can be expanded upon in all areas.

Thousands of great plugins are at your disposal to help you to expand your website’s functionality, developers will not end up fighting windmills when creating themes, and even without bloggings on it, you can take WordPress as far as a complex/bespoke system.

A platform really cannot get more customizable than WordPress and this is thanks to its open-source code, content collaboration instruments, the availability of all kinds of website hosting options, and thousands of plugins and themes. Here are some of the best whys:

  • It comes with a smooth integration with knowledge base software, and users can use this ability to produce tons of content around your product, service, or tool.
  • Everything is about video content nowadays and on WordPress you can easily embed video and audio content without any hassle.
  • As a basic text editor if you can create text using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you can create it using WordPress, with no knowledge of code required (thanks WYSIWYG HTML Editor) so it supports the creation of frequent content.
  • Users can easily format content, as well as publish new posts and pages with its built-in editor.
  • It has taxonomy options. WordPress gives you the option to create categories, assign tags to articles, and build hierarchies to group your content so you can organize it in a way that is searchable by bots and humans alike.
  • It gives you the freedom to easily tweak your site, change headings, colors, or it also allows you to easily embed, enhance, and change visuals to keep up with changing trends.
  • It supports SEO and offers well developed plugins that can help you make the content more popular.

Finally, it offers endless customization, personalization and design capability. All of this without a single line code.