Avoid These Amazon PPC Mistakes to See Faster Results

While Amazon PPC happens to be perfect if you want more customers to come across your
products, many brands make multiple costly mistakes due to their inexperience with PPC.
In this article, we’ll look at 7 common mistakes made by sellers who use Sponsored Products
Amazon advertising along with our suggestions on avoiding them effectively:

1. Using an Excessively Generic PPC Campaign Strategy

If you want to see better sales conversion figures, you’ll have to fine-tune your strategies on a
daily basis. Do not target a broad audience group since that approach yields very little value for
money. It’s important to monitor all aspects of your campaign strategy in order to improve
performance regularly. You can also consult an Amazon advertising agency, which possesses
the knowledge necessary to boost your performance.

2. Inventory Level Management Issues

Sales conversions are the biggest factor that will influence your activities on Amazon.
Inventory management influences the organic rankings of your products and the overall
efficiency of your ad campaign.
A depleted product inventory causes all sales to be stopped temporarily till corrective actions
have been taken. Competitors often utilize this opportunity for regaining lost sales and market
share from other sellers.

3. Failure to Scale Profitable Campaigns

We’ve been a successful Amazon advertising agency for years now. We’ve come across
several clients who were unwilling to extend their preset advertising budgets despite there being
plenty of evidence that such a move could profit them massively.

4. Bid Adjustments are the Only Factor Used to Control ACOS

Many of our clients used to depend on daily campaign advertising budgets and bid amounts to
control ACOS.

While it’s important to be on top of your ad campaign budget by monitoring and adjusting your
bids and budgets regularly, this needs to be done in a strategic manner after due assessment of
your performance.

5. SEO Keyword Mistakes

It’s often challenging to zero in on the right mix of keywords, which will drastically improve your
odds of successful Amazon sales conversions.
While targeting an excessive number of keywords can burn your spending budget and ruin ad
performance, not researching keywords properly is also known to ruin chances of successful
sales conversions.
Amazon ad campaigns enable sellers to check for funnel keywords, which can maximize sales
conversions. We generally suggest testing out at least 50 to 500 keywords in your ad groups
before finalizing them.

Amazon PPC is something that requires a lot of effort and perseverance to master. You can’t
figure everything out in a couple of hours. Refining and nurturing your campaigns on a daily
basis is essential if you wish to become profitable. While you might prefer to handle everything
yourself at first, this approach may cause trouble over time. Professional PPC agencies and
experts like Marknology can be of tremendous use if you’re looking to outsource your PPC
management requirements. Our PPC management services include campaign
micromanagement, campaign setup, and keyword research.

Are you in the business of selling products on Amazon but don’t have the time or experience
needed to manage your Amazon PPC advertising campaigns? Outsource your PPC
management campaigns to reliable and trusted experts.

Most Amazon ad management agencies have the technical skills, knowledge, and optimization
software tools needed to manage your PPC campaigns along with the ability to scale them
when the situation calls for it.