So You’re Thinking of Starting a Blog: Here’s How

You want to start a blog but you’re not sure how to begin. While it may seem difficult, all you have to do is stay organized and follow a few simple steps that are outlined in this blog post. Before you know it, you’ll be blogging and you can share your ideas with the global online community.

No, you don’t have to be a professional writer or an expert in some unique field. Whether you are blogging about travel, or how to make money with a side hustle, you need traffic. All it takes to start a blog is an idea and knowledge of getting it online, and that’s what we’re here to help with. We know you want to increase blog traffic fast, but let’s get the foundation in place first.

Choose Your Topic

Before you can begin your blogging experience, you need to have an idea. Determine what topic of interest you will be blogging about that you can expand on and share valuable information about consistently. Blog about what interests you and what you believe will interest others. Your blog can be a form of entertainment, informative, or even instructional. The list of topics is limitless but the important thing is that you enjoy blogging about what you know and what you love to learn more about. If you’re engaged with the topic, your readers will be too.

Select a Platform

There are several blog platforms available to choose from. WordPress is the most popular but you can go with any platform that offers what you’re looking for in terms of features and ease of use. By setting up your domain name and your hosting, you can enjoy complete control over your blog’s content. While there is a nominal fee for your domain and hosting, which we will look at in the next step, the blogging software is free.

Pick Your Domain Name and Get Hosting

Your domain name is your address on the internet. Make it short, easy to type and remember, and give it a little artistry if you can. Getting a .com name is ideal, as most people recognize that extension as the most prevalent, but it depends on what’s available and what your topic is. If you want to blog about finances, you may decide on a .biz extension, for example.

As for hosting, you will rely on your hosting provider to keep your blog up and running, so make sure you choose one that’s reliable, has 24/7 support.

Choose a Theme and Design

Your blog platform will have all the design and color options you will need to create the blog look you want. You can go with a theme that brands your blog with the right tones and design solutions to make your pages unique, and no matter the platform you choose, it’s quite easy to implement what you’re looking for or even change later on.

Write Your Content and Publish

Time to go live! Put your content together and platforms like WordPress make it as easy as possible to get your pages loaded onto the net. It’s simply a matter of perfecting your content and publishing it. Start a new blog easily with these simple steps.