How to Earn Cash as a Delivery Driver

Stand on any city street for half an hour, and it’s likely that the traffic passing you will contain a large number of delivery vehicles. There will be bicycles and motorbikes delivering food to apartments around the city and vans and cars driving packages to doorsteps. And there will be pick-ups and trucks performing longer-haul journeys to deliver products and materials from state to state. In this article, we’ll outline how you can start earning cash as one of these drivers, using your vehicle to make you money every day.


Food Delivery


You’ll be well aware of the different food delivery apps on the market at the moment – and those which are most popular in your city. These are tremendously easy to sign up to work for on a gig-work basis. You just need to get in touch with the firm of your choice, which will send you all you need to get started within a week. Make sure you have access to a vehicle – most people use a bicycle or a motorbike or moped – in order to cut through traffic. But a car will work just as well.




Meanwhile, there are the couriers who deliver packages – often groceries or parcels with clothing or household goods – to homes across your city. These are often termed “last-mile” delivery drivers because they are responsible for distributing packages around a city that are picked up from a central depot. It’s also easy to sign up as one of these drivers, again with local agencies or with the retail and e-commerce giants that have their own fleets of willing couriers to call upon to get goods to doors as quickly as possible.




Then there are the longer-distance drivers, who tend to travel hundreds of thousands of miles each year, transporting large volumes of goods and products from state to state and even from country to country. Shipping jobs can be found on centralized websites upon which hundreds are advertised every single day. Click through to learn more about how you can search for these shipping jobs and become an established long-distance delivery person. It’s a job that rewards good planning and astute driving, with wages increasing as a result of the supply chain squeeze that’s seized the world across the past few months.




Finally, if you’re a fan of the US postal service, then you might simply wish to become one of their operatives. This is a pleasant job, involving early mornings and free afternoons, as you collect the day’s post in the early hours and distribute it to a given neighborhood each morning. It’s also a job that helps acquaint you with your local area, with many post recipients having conversations with you across your patch. Contact the postal service to enquire about the jobs they might have at the moment, and get yourself on a trial shift where you’ll begin life as a postal worker – on a bike, on foot, or in a postal van.


These four options are available to anyone who is interested in starting a career as a delivery driver in 2022.