What is the definition of Social Media presence and its role in business?

Social media presence has a very straight forward definition, it refers to how a person posts and engages on all of their social media accounts.

We can explain presence as a term in that it describes how you are within where you are. So, when you refer that to social media, it is how you use the options at your disposal on a particular network and whether your actions bring results.

It also encompasses an overall picture of how frequently you post, the type of content posted, and the levels of engagement on your social media accounts. As such it can be argued that you cannot have a social media presence without being active on the social media channels, even it is very minimal. As such the more active a user is, the higher the chances they will interact with others, it is called ‘Social’ media after! It is this interactivity which is of course extremely important for businesses who know the potential of the social media channels. It is also these active users that are targeted in digital marketing campaigns.

Social media is a very important tool for marketers because it serves as a basis for product marketing and branding. Users who have a strong social media presence are pretty much constantly available within this marketplace leading to many companies using it as their exclusive marketing tool to reach a potential client. The easier a company gets to a potential customer through a platform, the better the platform is from an investment standpoint and the more efficient the sales process will be. This process also works in reverse. The social media platforms most popular with companies who are very present on social media are the ones that allow their customers easy, direct and fast access to them.

Why else is social media popular in business? Cost effective Visibility and branding! Quite simply social media excels in these two areas and it is why brands are present and invest heavily in this marketing space.

How do they do it? Brands use social media to engage the audience and followers by posting relevant content on their social media either themselves or through a third party who specializes in social media marketing. Because let us be clear, although simply posting on a social media account daily will give a company a social media presence it doesn’t mean it will automatically achieve its goals and land a sale or get its message across to the potential clients it is aiming for. It is all about content. Content as they say is King! Unless posts are interesting then there is no appeal. Content needs to be original, engaging, eye catching, intriguing, and relevant to the community engaging in it. Without that then a company will watch as its followers disappear at an alarming rate!