How to Find Out Who Created a Website

In today’s digital age, knowing the origins and ownership of a website can be crucial for various reasons, from ensuring the credibility of information to protecting oneself against fraud. Whether you’re a journalist, a researcher, or simply curious, discovering who created a website can provide valuable insights. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you uncover the creator of any website.

Step 1: Check the Website Itself

Often, the easiest way to find out who is behind a website is by checking the website itself. Many websites have an “About Us” page or a “Contact” section where information about the creators or the team behind the site is provided. This might include names, biographies, and contact information.

Step 2: Use WHOIS Lookup Services

If the website does not openly share this information, the next step is to use a WHOIS lookup service. WHOIS databases store information about the registration of domain names. Here’s how you can use these services:

  1. Choose a WHOIS lookup service: There are many free services available online, such as ICANN Lookup,, or DomainTools.
  2. Enter the domain name: Input the website’s domain (e.g., into the search field.
  3. Review the results: The WHOIS lookup will typically return information including the name of the registrant, their contact details, and the registration and expiration date of the domain. Note that privacy settings may restrict the visibility of personal information.

Step 3: Analyze the Privacy Settings

Due to privacy concerns, many domain owners use privacy protection services to hide their personal information in WHOIS lookups. If you encounter this, the WHOIS record will usually list the proxy service instead of the owner’s direct contact information. However, you can still see the service provider or registrar, which might help in further inquiries.

Step 4: Utilize Web Archive Services

Services like the Wayback Machine allow you to view archived versions of web pages and track changes over time. This can sometimes reveal previous versions of a website before the owner’s information was hidden or removed.

Step 5: Search Social Media and Forums

Creators often promote their websites on social media platforms or related forums. Searching for the website name or domain on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn might lead you to posts or profiles associated with the website.

Step 6: Check Business Registries

If the website represents a registered business, you can look up the business name in state or national business registries, which often provide details about the business owners.

Step 7: Reach Out Directly

If you’re still curious and the information is crucial, consider reaching out directly through any official contact information provided on the website. Even if the direct creators’ details aren’t available, someone affiliated with the site might be able to provide the necessary information.

Finding out who created a website can require a bit of detective work, especially if the information isn’t readily available. By following these steps, you’re more likely to uncover not just who created the website but possibly their intentions and credibility as well. Always remember to use this information responsibly and respect privacy and data protection laws in your inquiries.