How do you convert a blog into a website on WordPress?

Most websites, particularly blogs regardless of the platform they are hosted on or built on, come with a sleek and simple appearance architecture.

The word blog derived from the two words “web” and “log” and it depicts a site in which the home page comes with a dynamic, chronological display of articles (posts), similar to a logbook.

So, converting the blog into a website, basically denotes the removal of the dynamic chronological display and presenting a static brochure like page instead. Simply put, it means changing the site from displaying your most recent posts on your home page.

You can do this in couple of ways, meaning you can either disable comments in posts and pages from your WordPress back end and delete all your existing posts if they are not relevant to the niche of your new website. You can then navigate to appearance >Customize> and set the front page as any particular page instead of posts. Finally, you can download/ purchase a visual composer plugin and edit all your pages.

You can also create a separate landing page as a WordPress Page. Set that to be your home page. And then create a separate page called “Blog” and set it as the page for your WordPress posts. You can do that under Settings>Reading and set that page as your static home page.

There is a third option to use themes that will help you transform your blog into a website.  You can do that by publishing all content as WordPress posts and pages and implementing a theme that you would like to use on the website in terms of appearance.